Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google+: Please Switch To It

This is my solemn plea to all my friends to please switch over to a service that will offer us much better connectivity in the long run, from a company that has proven time and again that they are not going to sell us out. I recently posted the following on Google+:
I don't understand why everyone complains about the fact that nobody uses Google+ yet. The same complaint was there when Facebook first came out because myspace was previously the biggest thing. Google+ already has over 11.5 million users. It has a growth rate of 22% in 24 hours. The fact is Google+ has accumulated a lot of users and is accumulating them faster than Facebook.
Sure, it may have taken your grandma "forever" to join Facebook, but the market has changed since Facebook was released now the 50+ demographic is one of the fastest growing ( which means that your grandma is likely to catch on to Google+ faster than she did Facebook, especially since it is attached to Google services she may already use.

Why else might you stick around on Facebook? Events. A lot of people have to RSVP for events on Facebook. In the long run, though, Google+ will be better for event planning since it can be tied into your Google Contacts (and your hotmail contacts, and your yahoo contacts, and your phone contacts...and your Facebook contacts).

Then, of course, there are games. Have you seen the Chrome Web Store? Yes, they even have FarmVille: Chrome Web Store has MafiaWars, FIFA Superstars, Pet Society, Millionaire City, Bejeweled, Bejeweled Blitz, Ravenwood Fair, Texas HoldEm, CityVille, Angry Birds, and much more. All your favorite Facebook games are in the Chrome Web Store which is part of the seamless Google experience.

Groups. Google invented Groups:!overview

Look, if your only excuse is that "all your friends" are on Facebook, it's a bad excuse and it's time to get over the fact that Facebook has been here so long. Here is another post I made recently on Google+:
People have gotten so used to Facebook that they have begun to treat it as a commodity--people forget that it is a product. Google+ is simply a better product (in my opinion), and if people can get over the mindset that Facebook is where all their friends are (previously the myspace mindset) then I think Google+ will shine.
For those nay-sayers who think Google+ is just a rebranded Facebook, here is what Google+ has to offer that Facebook doesn't:

  1. It's easy to share stuff with only certain friends.
  2. Hangouts--basically like Skype built into Google+, it is a seamless voice/video/text chat experience with added features like a synchronized YouTube viewer.
  3. View information based on your interests (this is called Sparks).
  4. Photos and videos upload instantly as soon as you take them (but don't go public unless you set them to later).
  5. You can fully delete your Google+ account--Facebook always keeps your information around.

Friday, July 1, 2011

ET Poll

Hey everyone, I have posted a new poll to see what my readers think of ET. Please discuss in the comments.